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Our collection "the BOS" gives your home that special, exclusive touch.


The fabulous variety offers everything you like. Be it the popular stone look with endless combination possibilities, the botanical look with its wonderful plants or the romantic flair with its light and airy beauty. No wishes remain unfulfilled here. 

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Botanic – plants in all their glory

Living styles with a natural touch are all the rage and the modern interpretation of floral wallpapers is a perfect fit, bringing comfort and warmth to every room.

Stone – endless combination possibilities

The period houses in Bruges with their stone walls are more in demand than ever in any colour, whether in combination with wooden floor and accessories made from natural materials in the style of the modern country house or in the urban industrial style.


Concrete – optical illusions enliven the walls

3D patterns and optical illusions in concrete effect make the walls exciting but not overpowering.

The diamond-shaped 3D pattern is a perfect match for the minimalist industrial interior style.

Leaves – love at first sight

The leaf wall with its wonderfully natural structure guarantees the wellbeing factor in every room. 

The natural vibes of the stylised leaf shapes with metallic effects create a lively, fresh atmosphere.

Arts – just like a work of art

The rough background structure is infused with precious metal veins, giving the wall the look of a unique work of art.

Whether retro, modern country house or urban chic, this wallpaper adds character to any style.

Blossom – a floral excess

This brings the wall alive with colour.

Whether replicating the old masters or providing a fresh burst of colour, the riot of blossom on the wall is simply a dream.

Romance – an airy, light beauty

With ferns and leaves in shimmering colours the wallpaper has a romantic feel – an airy, light beauty on the wall combined with pastel tones for a touch of Scandinavian hygge. 

Textiles – beauty and elegance

The rough textile structure with its shimmer and shine effects adds genuine class.

A tidy and yet exciting look that is just as much at home in an elegant library as in a modern living room.

Stars – a magical, harmonious look

The delicate star-shaped all-over pattern creates a magical, harmonious look, with, for instance, one of the new trend colours, a light, powdery blue that is like a breath of fresh air in any room.

Stripe – a beautiful ornamental addition for the home

Striped wallpaper characterised by a clear design, great diversity and a special effect.

A versatile all-rounder to suit all individual tastes. Light stripes in gold or silver are a great ornamental addition for the home.

Key data

Brand: A.S. Création
Material: Non-woven material
Period: 2025
Contents: 88 wallpaper
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