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The Group brands

In the Wallpaper Division, A.S. Création distinguishes between the brands "innova", "A.S. Création", "livingwalls" and "Architects Paper".


The entry-level brand "innova" is the basic range for price-conscious buyers.
The "A.S. Création" brand stands for a high-quality and broader range.


"livingwalls" includes designer and lifestyle wallpaper collections such as Daniel Hechter and MICHALSKY LIVING.


"Architects Paper" is the brand of A.S. Création's high-quality and speciality range. This brand stands for exclusive, individual and customised wall solutions as well as handmade wallpapers for architects, designers, interior decorators and discerning private customers.


The Furnishing Fabrics Division includes the brands "Indes" and "Fuggerhaus", both formerly independent textile publishers with high quality and service standards.

Designer brands

It is the first-class design that makes our wallpapers so special. That's why we design new exciting collections every year in our own studio - many of them together with renowned designers such as Versace, Michael Michalsky or Daniel Hechter.


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