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The world of wallpaper begins here!
Discover our collections, inspirations and different living worlds. 



Zoe in Miami

Neue Länder, neue Städte, neue Kulturen - wir entdecken die Welt mit fünf charismatischen Travelscouts und den Blick auf außergewöhnliche Interior-Styles völlig neu.

Tapeten Botanik

Our collection "the BOS" gives your home that special, exclusive touch.

House of Turnowsky

In collaboration with House of Turnowsky, the world-leading company in the luxury paper goods industry, A.S. Création is bringing a new wallpaper collection onto the market.


Quickly create a cosy living space with our energy-saving wallpaper

Nala in Capetown

The journey continues! Get ready for new people, new cities and stunning new modern interiors from A.S. Création.

My home my spa Tapete

Let all the wonderful sensations in, embrace the diversity of our world, stretch out your arms and invite it to stay at your home.

With their third walls by patel collection, the designer couple Kathrin and Mark Patel also offer countless new possibilities for staging one's own four walls or even object areas in a highly emotional and sensual way.

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