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Shareholder Structure

Mr Franz Jürgen Schneider is A.S. Création's largest single shareholder with a stake of approx. 32%.
Mr Schneider was Managing Director or Chairman of the Managing Board of A.S. Création from its foundation in 1974 until 2001 and Chairman of the Supervisory Board from 2001 until 2019. About 23% of the A.S. Création shares are in free float.


Based on the voting rights notifications received, the shareholder structure is as follows:

*According to Article 22, Section 2, of the WpHG o.v., the voting rights of Mr. Schneider (32.09%), A.S. Création Tapeten-Stiftung (6.16%) and Franz Jürgen Schneider-Stiftung (0.09%) - (overall 38.34%) - are to be mutually attributed.

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