Home Wallpaper & Highlights MY HOME. MY SPA.

Listen! Look and feel! This smell, this feeling...

Let all the wonderful sensations in, embrace the diversity of our world, stretch out your arms and invite it to stay at your home.


The current collection from A.S. Création will turn your home into your favourite sensory space.

My Home. My Spa. creates a space where these wonderful experiences and impressions can be captured. Every day.


It is time for change, time to create a new sense of wellbeing tailored to your individual tastes.


The extensive collection appears with 10 cutting-edge living themes, which leaves nothing to be desired for almost all furnishing areas and completely redefines the theme of cocooning. With atmospheric "home images" in real living and life situations and sympathetically presented by two testimonials, wallpaper really makes you want a new, cosy home.

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Soak the warmth

Feel the cool wind on your skin, soak up the sun’s rays and treasure the warmth and security of your home. 


My Home. My Spa. - relax and feel good when you look at the woody hues on the walls, a calming green in a natural pattern.  Completely at home.


Coming home

Here I am. This is just where I want to be. I feel completely calm here, I can concentrate better, the air vibrates with the slightest movement.


The surroundings leave nothing to be desired – a new space emerges that catches the eye, touches the soul and awakens forgotten powers.

My Home My Spa.


Live for the moment

Music in your ears, concrete under your feet. Everything is in motion. Let yourself drift and immerse yourself in the sound of the city.


Clubbing at home. Light-filled, psychedelic patterns on the walls, bass in the air.


My Home. My Spa brings you cool designs that reflect the feeling of modern life.


Enjoy first class surroundings

Arrive in a world of luxury. Space and time for feel-good moments in a soothing atmosphere filled with sweet scents.


With the new My Home. My Spa walls create a peaceful space for your soul ...and your heart.




Feel the energy

Focused. Concentrated. Sizzling, creative energy is reflected in an urban-style wall deco.


Lofty. Airy. In My Home. My Spa body and soul are in tandem.


Think out loud, listen and feel yourself filled with electrifying urban power.


Dare to fall in love

The smell of fresh coffee blends with the blissful feeling that a good start to the day brings. The warmth of home, complete relaxation in the Here and Now and plenty of room for enjoyment.


Cosy designs and warm damask tones on the wall add a magical quality to a room and give you strength for each new day.

My Home. My Spa.

Mon amour



Dreams come true

It moves you ... you can feel it. Like caressing the skin, a kiss on the forehead.

Let your home embrace you, fill its walls with romance, petals, the scent of roses. Give it that extra something.

My Home. My Spa


Feel alive

Further, higher, better! You have strength – in every muscle, every thought.


Being active means living.


In your own four walls this energy lives on in innovative patterns and colours.


The My Home. My Spa collection brings intense moments to your home. Work is out!




Experience added value

More me. More value. Express yourself and relax within your four walls.


My Home. My Spa brings sensory exclusivity to your home. Gold combines with modern tones and styles in fascinating patterns and textures.

Understand the importance of your surroundings and relax. Right Here, right Now.


Show emotion

Close your eyes and see what really matters to you. Choose a place to escape to, smell the scent of fresh pillows on your skin ... dream, let go.


Here you can give your senses free rein, enjoy your surroundings.


Four walls with beautiful decor give you this feeling of safety – with the My Home. My Spa.




Key data

Collection: MY HOME. MY SPA.
Brand: livingwalls
Material: Non-woven material
Period: 2024
Contents: 85 wallpaper
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