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Get a taste, get to know each other, warm up - with our internships for pupils and students.



> Study-related internships

The focus of the study-related internships is either on sales, finance or production/technology. Internships in the studio and in the IT area are possible in individual cases by arrangement. It is possible to join us as an intern at any time, depending on demand and the range of projects to be worked on.



> Work placements for school pupils

We are also happy to take on trainees from school. Take advantage of an internship with us to get an idea of what working life is like in the relevant occupational fields. Experienced instructors are available to give you advice and practical help in various occupational fields, such as "media technology printing", in order to give you an understanding of this or another of the many wonderful professions at our company.


Wichtig: Im kaufmännischen Bereich bieten wir keine Schülerbetriebspraktika an. Denn hier brauchen unsere vielen Auszubildenden unsere ganze Aufmerksamkeit.

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