Wallpaper dado panels

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Wallpaper dado panels


Our wall panels are printed on high-quality non-woven backing material.
The paste-the-wall technique is recommended when processing non-woven wallpaper.


The wall surface must be clean,
dry and sound.


Before pasting, use a spirit level to mark a light, dashed, horizontal starting line at 1.06m high.


After this, paste the wall.



Hanging wallpaper:

Lay the first wall panel into the paste bed and press it on using a pressure roller so that there are no bubbles.




Aligning the pattern:

We recommend a double seam cut for a clean transition between the dado panels. 


To do this, over the wall panels when adhering and then use a sharp craft knife within the overlap of the two panels to separate them with a cut.  

As a result of doing this, you will achieve a seamless transition.






Decorating a wall panel really is that simple!
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