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From trend to wallpaper

Is a phenomenon a wallpaper trend or not?


Not an easy decision. After all, wallpaper usually stays on the wall for many years. It would be annoying if the motif were already out of fashion again the next season.



Our designers therefore judge colours, patterns and motifs according to many different criteria and from the most diverse areas:

•    What are fashion trends and how long do they last?

•    Do designs from the world of fashion reappear at interior and
Heimtextil fairs again?

•    What do trend agencies say?

•    What do other designers buy?

•    What are the big sellers at the stock agencies?

•    What happens in other design areas, e.g. in car construction?
      Which colours arrive here?
      Which structures and patterns dominate the interior design?

•    What do customers from other countries ask for?

•    What are the long-term and megatrends, e.g. individualisation, retro,
     Wellness, longing for nature, digitalisation, sustainability?

Ultimately, it is the designer's intuition and skill that decides what becomes the motif for a wallpaper from these inspirations.



Discover the current trends of the time

Menu teaser children's room

Off to the realm of the children!

Lake on photo wallpaper in pastel colours

The trend towards a mindful approach to nature comes to the fore here in a spectacular way. Be curious about Smart Surface.


Graphic meets metallic

This gives the trendy graphics contemporary style.

Menu teaser photo wallpaper

More than just snapshots - our photo wallpapers are a highlight for every wall!


Jungle Article image

The "jungle" theme is an evergreen among trends in every respect. And it will remain so, whether as a photorealistic wallpaper, a graphic or a new watercolour.

Room picture with wooden panels

Click here for the colours and highlights of the season.

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