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Which design would you like?

A visualisation tool makes wallpaper selection at home easier.

Wallpapers are true quick-change artists. Without much effort, they change rooms and create a new look in the home. They set the mood and provide an extra portion of feel-good atmosphere.


Extravagant jungle prints or simple stripes, classic floral patterns or modern concrete look?
The diverse designs offer almost countless possibilities to transform any room into a trendy living space - according to personal taste.

Digital wallpapering - our room visualisation

But how do the wallpaper designs look in your own four walls? Does the wallpaper of your choice also match the furniture? Does it make the room look smaller?


These are probably the questions everyone asks themselves before buying wallpaper. The visualisation tool from A.S. Création is therefore practical.

Whether bedroom, living room or children's room and office:


In our product catalogue at, you get the opportunity to simulate various wallpapers of your choice on your own walls.


Users can use this function with all current end devices and for every room. Simply upload a photo of your own room - and your favourite wallpaper can be digitally conjured up behind the furniture. Alternatively, they can be viewed in sample rooms. The tool offers various additional functions as well as filter options with which the large range of wallpapers and borders can be narrowed down by category, collection and colour. If you like, you can share your "newly wallpapered home" with friends and family at the end for feedback.




Here's how it works:







When you have found your favourite wallpaper, you can open the product page of this wallpaper and click on the button
"View in your own room now".
A new window opens, which will be explained in more detail in the next step.







You can now decide whether you want to take a photo of your room or select one that already exists.
This will give you an impression of how the wallpaper would look in your home. 







You don't have a photo of your room at hand?
Then choose one of our room examples. This will help you to see the wallpaper from a neutral angle.






If you find it difficult to decide, you have the option of narrowing down your wallpaper selection by setting filters. You can remove the wallpaper on certain walls or rotate the motif. If you are looking for inspiration, you can also look at other wallpapers in your room. To do this, just click on one of the suggested wallpapers and it will automatically be projected into your selected room.

Let yourself be digitally inspired and convinced!

To show you this tool in a little more detail, we have created an application video of our room visualisation for you.


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To show this tool in a little more detail, we have created an application video of our room visualisation for you.

Have fun watching and trying it out.


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