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Trend colour of the year 2024

Discover the trend colour of the year with us: Peach Fuzz. This delicate, engaging shade is more than just a colour; it is an invitation to freshness and well-being within your four walls. With our specially selected wallpapers from the matching colour worlds, you can bring an atmosphere full of lightness and positive energy into your home. Let our inspiration guide you and find the perfect wallpaper to transform your rooms and make a statement for modern living. Immerse yourself in the Peach Fuzz experience - because your home deserves the best of the trend!

Natural materials

Complement the wallpaper with accessories made of rattan, linen and other natural materials to create an organic and calming atmosphere.

Tone on tone 

Repeat the Peach Fuzz colour in small accessories such as cushions, rugs or decorative elements to tie the room together.


Set contrasts

Create contrasts with bright colours. Peach fuzz, for example, harmonises perfectly with turquoise, making it a real eye-catcher. 

Metallic accents

Gold, copper or brass elements complement the warmth of Peach Fuzz and add a touch of elegance to your room.

Harmonious colour combinations

Peach Fuzz harmonises perfectly with soft creamy light grey tones and natural wood elements.


Create a harmonious colour scheme by combining Peach Fuzz with these colours.

Layering and depth

Combine different shades of Peach Fuzz to create depth.


For example, use cushions and bedspreads in a lighter shade of peach against a peach fuzz wallpaper.

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