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PURO Wallpainting

Welcome to the world of Puro - the wall paint that brings elegance and luxury to your home.
This exclusive paint has been developed to give your walls a breathtaking satin sheen while creating a unique and sophisticated


Our team of experts have carefully created each shade of Puro to provide the perfect colour choice. Whether you‘re building a new home or planning a renovation, our wall paint will make any room shine.


Thanks to Puro‘s high quality bases and pigments, every wall in your home will have a smooth, durable and perfect looking finish. With a range of trendy and timeless colours, you can be sure that your walls will always be up to date.


Discover the beauty of Puro and give your home the perfect shine.

  • c1004
  • c2004
  • c4003
  • c2023
  • c3006
  • c6002
  • c7008
  • c7019
  • c8001

Key data

Collection: PURO - Wallpainting
Brand: A.S. Création
Shades: 150
Period: 2026

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