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The wallpaper trends of today and tomorrow

When designing our wallpaper collections we tap into the current mood and trends of the time and translate them into captivatingly beautiful and modern wallpapers. Here we’ll tell you about the most prominent ones. We’ll also tell you how trends start in the first place – and how they are translated onto wallpaper.


How trends start

There’s no one answer to this question.


Often trends start on the street, in subcultures or particular milieus. Sometimes the style of trendsetters such as pop stars, film stars or other celebrities start a trend. And then there are the trend spotters who scan the world for exciting patterns, shapes and motifs.


But there is one thing that never changes:



How trends are translated onto wallpaper

In terms of phenomena becoming trends, which wallpapers pass muster and which do not?


No easy decision. After all, a wallpaper usually stays on the wall for many years.

So it would be annoying if the design were out again the next season. 


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