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How many rolls do I need?

The number of rolls required depends not only on the total area of the wall or ceiling and the perimeter of the room, but also on the roll length and roll width.

You will find the dimensions applicable to your desired item in the detailed view.



To determine the correct roll quantities for your room, you need to calculate the total area of the wall or ceiling.

The perimeter and height of the room are needed to determine the requirements for a room. Windows and doors should be taken into account for the calculation by including spare rolls.

You determine the room perimeter by adding up all the individual walls.
You should add approx. 5 cm to the room height to avoid a tight cut. Standard roll formats are Euro roll formats: 10.05 m x 0.53 m.

The calculated roll requirements are approximate. For later renovation or repair work, you should also plan a spare roll.


To determine the number of rolls, you only need the room circumference, which you divide by the border length. As a rule, the border length is 5 metres.

Example calculation

Here are some of the most common dimensions as a sample calculation (0.53 m (web width) x 10.05 m (roll length)).


  Room perimeter (m) Room height (m) Number of rolls (0.53m x 10.05m)
  10 2,25 5
  15 7
  20 9
  25 12
  10 2,50 6
  15 8
  20 10
  25 12
  10 2,75 6
  15 8
  20 11
  25 14
  10 3,00 6
  15 9
  20 12
  25 15
  10 3,25 7
  15 10
  20 13
  25 16


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