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paintable wallpaper

We offer different paintable non-woven wallpapers that can be individually designed with glaze coats and/or opaque colour coats.

The different surface structures offer numerous design options and are thus a good alternative to standard glass or woodchip wallpaper.
Paintable non-woven wallpapers from A.S. Création not only impress with their enormous dimensional stability and high scratch and impact resistance, but also have the simple, fast and clean application properties of non-woven wallpapers.


Meistervlies Protect:

Scratch-resistant: Protect non-woven wallpaper - wall design for heavily used surfaces.

Meistervlies Diversity:

Beauty makes its mark: the new generation of non-woven wallpapers. Wallpapering has never been so easy.

Meistervlies Tex. ID:

Best quality: wallpaper produced on a particularly high-quality non-woven backing.


Meistervlies Smooth fleece:

The perfect base for all painting and renovation work to conceal small cracks and irregularities.




Step 1: 

Paste the wall


Insert the dry sheet into the paste bed

Step 3:

Cut off edges and ready

Step 4:

Design as you like with colour

Step 5:

Can be completely dry-stripped later if required

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