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The term compliance basically describes the observance of rules in the form of law and legislation and thus has a manifold effect on the most diverse areas of the company.

Through our Code of Conduct, we establish principles of conduct for the Executive Board, the national management teams and the Group employees. Further guidelines and instructions are made available to all company employees by the specialist departments via the company's internal intranet.

We use internal control mechanisms to ensure that legal violations are prevented or detected at an early stage. You may find a description of the internal control mechanisms in our declaration of compliance.


With our digital whistleblower system, we create an easily accessible process for reports by company employees as well as third parties on legal violations in connection with the A.S. Création Group.

Code of Conduct

"Respectful and fair interaction forms the basis for working together. This applies equally to our professional and private lives.

And if respect and fairness are supplemented by a certain degree of politeness, cooperation is easier. This insight is not new, but we have to keep reminding ourselves of it and make ourselves aware of it so that these basic principles are not forgotten. 


Junge Frau mit leichter unschärfe - Tapetenwand im Vordergrund

Digital whistleblowing system

You can use our whistleblower system to easily draw attention to possible violations. It is ensured that your identity and your report are treated confidentially.



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