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Heeey there, I'm Lara. Simply Lara!
Welcome to my future home!
Yep, I moved just in time for the new year!


A few more facts about me? I live out my creativity with passion, be it with brushes and paint or with DIY projects. That's probably why I'm studying fashion design, with a heart full of color and ideas. I want to express my passion for fashion in every room of my new apartment.


My vibe? Modern, but individual. I love it colorful and small, full of bits and pieces that tell a story. I can't wait to invite you to dive deeper into my world. See you soon!

What do you want to see first on my little tour of my new apartment?

Citchen? Dining room? Knitting corner? Or fancy a fitting with me in the  Dressing room? Relax in the  bedroom or living room? You choose!

It's amazing what I've done with my kitchen, isn't it?


Modern, stylish, almost unrecognizable! The geometric overlapping shapes create a really beautiful three-dimensional effect. The pattern is wonderfully distributed over the entire wall surface, creating a dynamic yet harmonious wall design. So I love it.


This is Nico. Cute, isn't he? We met after I moved here and are now inseparable. We love cooking together here in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. To be honest, I'm not a professional chef - Nico is the boss here! I'm more of a back-up supporter. But hey, you need someone like that, don't you?

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Welcome to my dining room, the spot for me and my girls to swap the latest stories. And all with delicious food and fresh drinks. After all, you eat with your eyes and everything has to be insta-like, you know what I mean?


My new wallpaper is just as insta-like. This delicate, floral pattern in soft beige and cream tones - clean girl style. The wallpaper is calming and a subtle addition to all the hustle and bustle in the room.


So cheers, to many more gossip sessions here in the dining room.


Do you know this? The weekend is just around the corner but you just need some time for yourself!


I like being on tour and I like to go wild. But honestly, it's best at home, isn't it?


Fortunately, I now feel really comfortable within my own four walls. Here in my oasis of calm, my new wallpaper contributes enormously to this.

It is rich in detail and color with a leaf pattern. The warm earth tones underlined by accents in green, rose and ochre give my reading corner something magical.




My creative chaos - the dressing room, the place where my wildest outfit dreams come true! Tonight I'm having a fun evening with my girls and my favorite person, Nico - the style game knows no bounds here, just like my decor.


My wallpaper is exactly the trendy piece that gives my dressing room its fashionable character. The colors are vibrant and the eye-catching design is calming on the one hand, like the gentle ebb and flow of waves, but also really cool on the other.



My retreat, my little paradise. But I love sharing it with Nico. We snuggle up here and binge-watch our favorite series.


I love these moments of switching off together without time pressure and obligations - and yes, sometimes we sleep in until the afternoon. Nobody knows. But hey, sleeping in in a beautiful home... literally a dream.


My wallpaper is also a dream, isn't it? This lush, tropical leaf motif brings an exotic touch to my bedroom. The variety of green tones creates a tangible closeness to nature and has a calming effect on me. Zzzzz!

Last but not least: the hotspot of my home! My living room! Everything comes together here.


Chilling out with friends, me-time on the sofa or snuggling up with Nico. I love spending Sundays at home on the sofa because the delivery app is our best friend. Ordering food without leaving the house would never have been possible back in the village. But here, we usually treat ourselves to the day without the stress of cooking and order our way through all the restaurants in the city one by one.


There's something calming and unobtrusive about the gentle repetition of the wallpaper, which makes it ideal for my living room, where relaxation and tranquillity are key. I also love the color palette: natural and earthy tones with a predominantly neutral background accented by the green hues of the leaves - loose, light and airy.



Key data

Brand: livingwalls
Period: 2027
Material: non-woven material
Contents: 89 wallpaper


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