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d'eco. The solution for healthy living in a sustainable home

All wallpapers we produce in Germany meet the high quality standards of our A.S. Création quality base. Our customers have relied on this "Made in Germany" quality promise for more than 45 years.


But that is not enough for us. Because times are changing and our customers' demands are rising. That is why we are constantly developing our wallpapers. A growing part of our range already meets additional criteria for sustainability and healthy living. We have been labelling these wallpapers with the d'eco seal since the beginning of 2023. In this way, we offer buyers with a high awareness of sustainability a simple orientation when buying their next wallpaper.

The d'eco criteria

Our wallpapers with the d'eco seal meet specific sustainability criteria beyond the A.S. Création quality basis. It is our goal to continuously improve the ecological footprint of our wallpapers and to keep them free of harmful substances. This is our contribution to a more sustainable future.


The criteria for the d'eco seal are defined according to the current state of the art and can thus be adapted or tightened.

Free from PVC

The popular vinyl and textured wallpapers are characterised by their 3D look and are particularly wear-resistant and durable. The term "vinyl wallpaper" is based on the fact that this type of wallpaper is made with the plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The disadvantage: the costly production of PVC and its additives leads to a comparatively large ecological footprint. It is also difficult to recycle.


D'eco wallpapers are therefore free of PVC. Instead, we use ecologically optimised formulations that do not contain any additives and are much easier to recycle.

Water-based & solvent-free formulations

For the production of conventional vinyl and textured wallpapers, organic solvents are used as an additive for an optimal printing process.


This is different with d'eco-qualified wallpapers: Here we rely on specially developed water-based printing ink systems. All the necessary colour pigments and other components of the formulation are mixed in water instead of solvents. Wallpapers with the d'eco seal therefore have the lowest indoor air emissions.

The criteria of the A.S. Création Quality Basis

With four basic criteria, we guarantee our customers a high level of quality, safety and harmlessness. This applies to all wallpapers that we produce in our modern production facility in Wiehl-Bomig in Oberbergisch (NRW).

Exclusively FSC-certified printing substrates

Every fleece or paper printed by A.S. Création is certified with the FSC seal. This guarantees the use of wood and paper products from responsibly managed forests. With its valuable work, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) contributes to the maintenance of the forest ecosystem and thus protects animal and plant species threatened with extinction.

Phthalate-free wallpapers

Protecting the sensitive living atmosphere of our customers is part of our self-image. That is why we only use raw materials that are harmless to health. For this reason, we have voluntarily dispensed with the use of phthalates as plasticisers in the production of our wallpapers since 01.01.23.

The RAL quality standard for wallpapers

All wallpapers made by A.S. Création meet the stricter requirements of the RAL-GZ-479 quality mark. Compliance with the numerous ecological, health-related and qualitative criteria of the quality mark is subject to regular random checks by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Lowest indoor air emissions

We have our wallpapers tested for their indoor air emissions. According to the analysis results of an accredited testing laboratory, all A.S. Création wallpapers comply with the limits of the best emission class "A+". We achieve this result by exclusively using tested, low-emission raw materials in our formulations.

How you can recognise d'eco-qualified wallpapers from A.S. Création

Our sustainable d'eco wallpapers are easy to recognise: Each qualified wallpaper is marked with our d'eco seal on the insert and is clearly visible on each individual wallpaper roll.


In our collection books you will find the d'eco seal on the back of the wallpaper samples next to the article number. For collection books that exclusively contain d'eco-qualified wallpapers, the seal is also printed on the cover of the collection book.


In our online shop and the online shops of our customers, the d'eco seal is usually found in the master data of the product.

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