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Wallpapering tools

It's me again - Ben from A.S. Create. 

I'll show you the tools you really need for wallpapering in a short and crisp way.










You don't know which tools there are for wallpapering? 

Don't worry, because we'll show you the tools you really need in a nutshell.



Since wallpaper should only be applied to an even surface, the spatula is ideal for preparing the wall.

Old wallpaper residues can be scraped off and further unevenness can be removed.

If there are holes and cracks in the wall, these can be cleaned up perfectly with a spatula and filler.


Folding rule

A folding rule is needed to measure the wall and the lanes.



A good cutter knife is an important part of the wallpapering tool. You can use it to cut wallpaper strips after measuring. However, a firm base should be used for this. 

A cutter is very practical for cutting light switches and sockets free.

If you want to avoid frayed wallpaper, you should change the blades of your cutter knife regularly. You can do this by breaking off the blade at the predetermined breaking point.


Spirit level

Since the result should be beautiful and straight, you should not miss a spirit level for measuring, marking and gluing the strips.



Paste is of course used to attach the wallpaper to the wall. However, you should make sure that you use the right paste and read the manufacturer's information in the package insert.

Universal paste is suitable for all wallpapers.



A large bucket and a stirring stick are also essential for mixing the paste.


Lambskin roller

Once the paste has been mixed, it must of course be applied to the wall. This is best done with a lambskin roller or a paint roller.


Sponge rubber roller

Use the foam rubber roller to carefully roll the wallpaper smoothly onto the wall from top to bottom. This gives you a beautiful result and pushes out any bubbles under the wallpaper.


Press-on spatula

This wallpapering tool is used to press the wallpaper into corners and onto edges. Here you should make sure that you only use it with hard-wearing wallpaper, because it is quite hard.






These were the most important tools you need for wallpapering.

You may have noticed that these tools are useful for wallpapering and you may already have some of them in your cupboard.

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