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We are approaching these questions with an ambitious mission that we’re calling GREEN STEPS – A.S. Création’s sustainability campaign. All the targets that we set, all the decisions and measures that we take to become a more sustainable company are key to the progress of this mission.


But the switch to sustainability can’t happen overnight. It is a project, a path that we tread every day. A path on which every single decision counts when taking the next important steps towards a greener future. Individually, as a team, as a company.


Sometimes this path leads us into unchartered territory. Because there are no ready-made solutions for every area that we want to improve. And so we don’t yet have all the answers to our questions.

However, it is our vision to answer the unanswered questions and lead the way. We want to be the pioneers for sustainable wallpaper production. With GREEN STEPS we’re getting closer to this goal every day.


The name of our campaign is a conscious choice. The steps are decisive and the path is the goal.


Think of GREEN STEPS as a signpost to guide you.  Everywhere you see our GREEN STEPS logo in the future, you will see our steps on the path towards a more sustainable future. It serves as a focus for our commitment and as a mission statement for our continuing work.

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