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Forever weaving through the dense crowds of labyrinthine alleyways filled with fragrances from all over the world, this is where the new world meets the old. Marrakesh: This city, brought to life in The Arabian Nights, is home to SAID.


This is where travel bloggers fulfil their aspirations and live casually and carefree in a relaxed state of ease. The new SAID collection promises to reveal oriental secrets, embellished with golden structures on finishes in warm, dark tones and in perfect harmony with natural materials.


Palm patterns in light green and beige are at their most beautiful on the wall. And why not think differently again and roll out the carpet against the walls of your new home.


The typical character "SAID - Marrakech" represents the trends from the metropolis of Marrakech. 

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Oriental flair


The "SAID - Marrakech" wallpaper brings sunshine, warmth and eastern flair to your home.


It is reminiscent of a Persian carpet with a base of bold red tones perfectly accentuated with soft shades of green beige. It exudes cosiness and comfort!







Elegant & High Quality


At first glance, the wallpaper looks like a golden puzzle. But when you take another look, you can see tiny geometric flowers dotted across the surface, giving the appearance of a 3-D pattern.


If you are looking for an elegant, high-quality golden wallpaper, look no further than "SAID - Marrakech". 


 The colour palette ranges from russet to petrol.

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