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Nala - Capetown

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Here it is: Beauty that you can never grow tired of or forget. Beauty that makes a strong impression. Cape Town is the capital city and exemplifies tolerance.


Like no other city, it stands for diversity, openness and great compassion. "NALA - Capetown" strives for all of this too and portrays the history of this city on walls with the power of nature and strong colours.


Circular structures with effects in gold and silver are reminiscent of the jewellery and craftsmanship of this South African city.  Floral patterns in various designs transform walls into a panorama of the Garden Route.


The typical character “NALA - Capetown” represents the trends from the metropolis of Capetown. 


  • Dschungeltapete in Grün Schwarz
  • Dschungeltapete in Grau Weiß
  • AS379002
  • AS379003
  • AS379004



Warning: it’s now hip to be happy!


The "NALA - Capetown" wallpaper is buzzing with positive energy and the feelgood factor. 


Yellow is bang on trend this year and forms the basis of the "NALA - Capetown", wallpaper.


The jungle-style pattern in brown and turquoise is the best backdrop for unique interiors or simply to bring striking highlights and accents to any space.






Confident & Expressive


The circular pattern of “NALA - Capetown” lends a 3-D effect, effortlessly creating stunning walls. 


The design brings self-confidence and expression to interiors and is reminiscent of a villa by the sea.


Imagine holding a cocktail at sunset, relaxing with your loved one, feeling the breeze through your hair – now you can recreate this feeling in your very own home. With "NALA - Capetown's" wallpaper, you don’t need to go anywhere.

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