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Buckle up and hit the ground running is the thing to do in the fast-paced and probably most spectacular city in the world. As evening falls, neon lights bounce colourfully off the hard tarmac and skyscrapers reach for the stars, creating a futuristic vision.

"MIO - Tokyo" epitomises the ultimate youthfulness of Tokyo style; in the parallel world of influencers, it has an online presence, 24/7. At the same time, "MIO - Tokyo" is well aware of Japanese traditions and values. Walls are as decorative as they are symbolic.

This is where koi, a symbol of good luck, come to life, appearing like a smile, we see the delicate pastel shades of cherry blossom in all its splendour or the bird sitting amidst Japanese witch hazel.  Living between two worlds.


The typical character "MIO - Tokyo" represents the trends from the metropolis of Tokyo. 

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  • Koi Tapete im Asia Stil in Metallic-Farben – Beige, Grau, Metallic
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Strength & Self-confidence


A profusion of golden trees with an oriental flair are set against the red background of the “MIO - Tokyo” wallpaper. The high-quality wallpaper stands for strength and self-confidence – the perfect statement for creative spaces.


This wallpaper comes in two other colourways to suit more deliberately understated walls. In black, shot through with metallic flashes, or in grey and white, this wallpaper also sets a delightful contrasting tone with existing coloured furnishings.












Asian style


This flamboyant patterned wallpaper in a bold shade of turquoise evokes a feminine atmosphere. Delicate pink blossom, oriental in style, adds the perfect flourish to this wallpaper. The floral design is also beautifully highlighted against other available backgrounds of cream and lilac.



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