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Ava - New York

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Success & the City! Be unique, authentic and passionate for things that are worth it. Experience and a flair for style will take you to the heart of the hustle and bustle of this pulsating big city of dreams. Once you've tried it - you know what it's like.


"AVA - New York" unveils flamboyant creations that have a down-to-earth appeal. A cool, bold reinterpretation, transforming trend classics into imaginative accessories and details. Structures on the wall create structure in life.


Muted without being soft, and relaxed, in earthy shades that exude warmth, these designs open up spaces and create exciting touches for a new style of living.


The typical character "AVA - New York" represents the trends from the metropolis of New York. 

  • AS378641
  • AS378642
  • AS378643
  • AS378644
  • Grafik Tapete in Beige Metallic
  • AS379194






Glamour & Charm


Hundreds of tiny headlights in the pattern of this wallpaper become a wonderful luminous backdrop and “AVA - New York’s” favourite wallpaper becomes the star of your living space.


The golden touches to the black wall covering bring elegance and luxury to adorn your four walls.


Experience the glamour and charm of New York in a totally different way. Transform an ordinary room into a warm and welcoming space.






Make statements


The red eye-catcher is not only a highlight in living rooms but can also be applied in public spaces such as restaurants, schools or waiting rooms.


The wallpaper creates a stylishly furnished room and makes a statement in any location.

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