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Alena - St. Petersburg

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Strutting on high heels through the white nights of St Petersburg. Along the magnificent buildings into the hip and urban centre of this Baltic city with more than 1 million inhabitants.


"ALENA - St. Petersburg" is the feminine side of a city characterised by stars. Elegant and modern, "ALENA - St. Petersburg" is an exciting addition rather than a contradiction to the luxurious baroque features of this city. The new way of living sees walls that hint at the marble of the city’s prestigious buildings.


Warm shades of amber, the “gold of the Baltic”, feature in this new collection. Glamorous flourishes, statement ornamentation and a clean style are the hallmarks of a special wallpaper decoration.


The typical character “ALENA - St. Petersburg” represents the trends from the metropolis of St. Petersburg. 


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Luxury Look


Wallpapers adorned with ornamentation lend a touch of class and elegance to any room. 


Shades of black and gold in particular attract everyone’s attention to these luxury wallpapers.


The 3-D prints and detailed structure allow walls to express themselves and homes to shine with a new look. With the right accessories and high-quality furniture, your home will become your castle.




Elegance with care


"ALENA - St. Petersburg" loves glitz and glamour. 


When it comes to celebrating, it’s time to put on beautiful, elegant clothes, chosen with care from your favourite boutique.


But chic style is not just confined to your wardrobe –  not at all –  your home also induces a sense of well-being.


Your hall is decorated with geometrically patterned wallpaper, playing with light and shadow.


The golden watercolour highlights are ideal for taking centre stage on large expanses of wall.

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