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get the world on your wall

walls by patel have only one goal: to stage an abduction into new worlds and turn life within the four walls into an experience. walls by patel create magical points of attraction whose visual language no one can escape. A single wall with extraordinary charisma is enough to create a focal point on which everything is focused. walls by patel change perspectives and lead the way. walls by patel are not a quiet background, but a view of the world.


As great as the diversity of this collection is, these designs have one thing in common: each draws the visual axis to itself and centers the perspective. walls by patel create a destination. Where you arrive is up to you: are you looking for contemplation or exuberant life? Do you want to find peace and quiet or do you need adrenaline? Do you love charming warmth or cool classical music? Do you have wanderlust or homesickness? Do you need a playful environment or stylish elegance? Stage your destination. walls by patel open up all the possibilities to bring the world onto your wall.


discover avantgarde

Come with us on a journey into the world of exuberant shapes and colors: artistic, eccentric and and absolutely playful. Let yourself be inspired by designs far beyond the norm and embark on new paths! Purist, minimalist interiors give these these visually stunning wall designs the space they need to space to unfold their full effect.


escape to nature

Tranquillity, purism, bright colors and open worlds of motifs: These designs will whisk you away to lightness. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, discover nature and find your oasis - give your soul free space for your soul! Natural, earthy materials in the interior in the interior, such as light-colored woods, plaster, linen or wool, hold an intense dialog with these an intense dialogue with these pictures.

celebrate classics

The spatial-perspective effects of these eye-catchers catchers have a breathtaking charm, that invites you to search for the world behind it. Can the wall be a party? These designs prove it by playing with classic motifs and tongue-in-cheek visual challenges. Sophisticated interiors with velvety fabrics and fine woods as well as furnishings with understated elegance complement these murals perfectly.

create drama

These designs create highly emotional interiors. With their references to Art Nouveau and the and the 1920s, they create a glamorous to the zeitgeist themes of the present. They are intensified by an by an upscale interior that incorporates elements of Art Deco and lends bars, restaurants and other socially used rooms a pulsating atmosphere. 


search for the artisans

Let your imagination run wild, focus on the moment on the moment and on creating with your hands: These designs celebrate the love of art and art and craftsmanship with their lively, young and inspiring, cheerful motifs. Even in the There are no limits to creativity when it comes to interiors either: The focus here is on the very personal self-made style created with favorite pieces of all kinds.

investigate structure

Do you feel the desire to touch these surfaces? touch them? Come closer, various material impressions await you: Wood, paper, fabric, stone ... The promise of a haptic experience unfolds a special attraction in the three-dimensional effects. Furnishings that pick up on and complement the aura of the simulated material complete these designs and create a harmonious overall picture.


travel the world

Give in to your wanderlust and go on a journey! Come with us to Africa, where the ethnically influenced designs combined with natural materials such as wood and wood and  clay as well as earthy colors bring the continent bring the continent to life. Or let yourself be whisked away to the to the Far East ... Japanese paper, lacquer and dark dark woods in the interior set the scene and complete your place of longing.

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