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give your walls a voice

An individual expression – sometimes loud and visually stunning, sometimes quiet and sensitive – is always a statement that deserves to be heard. Attitude comes in multiple facets, and this diversity is mirrored by the new collection by Kathrin and Mark Patel. walls by patel show who you are. They express what words can’t say. They have an individual rhythm and are in tune with your life.


walls by patel offer new possibilities to shape an ambience as unique as the persons who live in it. As personal as a favorite song, influencing the emotions in the room.


Dominant, dreamy, playful, or noble: walls by patel create a stage for what happens in a certain space. They generate atmosphere, in private as well as in public areas. The images of this collection offer completely new possibilities of designing and optically changing the structure of a given architecture.


boys are back in town

And they just want to play – with images, shapes, and colours. Whether cool or crazy, tough or sensitive, the field is free for a visual kick-off. These prints dominate the ambience with their charming tongue-in-cheek appeal, they lift the mood and convey a dynamic, adventurous joy of life.


we will rock you

Fascinating reliefs: These gripping threedimensional impressions pave the way for modern and unusual interiors. The cool and hard appeal can be used as a setting for a reserved ambience or offers an extraordinary contrast to warm furnishings. Ideal for large-scale objects.



into the great wide open

Feel vast expanses, breathe in the quiet, embrace nature: These wall images provide a resort from everyday life and relieve stress by charging the atmosphere with positive energy. The picturesque brittleness of the backgrounds presents an artistic re-interpretation of classic theme worlds.



girls just want to have fun

More feelings, less words. More playfulness, less seriousness. More imagination, less ordinariness. A little cheeky, a little daring. For a vivid young
ambience which embraces life and opposes daily routine with colorful, carefree statements.


the secret garden

Botanical excursion of a special kind: Whether wild proliferation or cultivated beauty, these designs convey an exceptional well-being and create secret oases of comfort amidst urbanity. The visual language of the images is voluptuous and infectiously emotional.


love me tender

The intricate vintage charm of these designs and their textile optics convey a warm, extroverted energy. These walls will stand out in suspenseful contrast to modern furniture. Not merely their strong imagery is impressive but also the incorporated background structure.


you're my wonderwall

Lines, shapes and colours in a threedimensional game with wood, paper and felt: The strictness of geometry is puristic, unconventional and modern. The sobriety of the alignment is countered by warm colours and seductive material optics which beg to be touched.

Key data

Collection: walls by patel II
Brand: livingwalls
Material: Non-woven material
Contents: 270 motifs


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