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Interior view of the “ARTist” wallpaper collection by A.S. Création.


Design is all around us and has a large influence on our everyday life. Various designs and diverse influences allow for the creation of even more new motifs and ideas. Design is an inexhaustible source, underpinned by the most extraordinary inspirations which lead to the most creative outcomes. The following seven ARTists have very different perceptions when it comes to art, and they implement their ideas and impulses based on contrasting experiences. Experience the realization of places, cultural and political topics, and other socio-political issues in the following presented images.


LEEMO was founded in 2015 in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg by designer and artist Djaheda Richers. The brand was born with the idea of experimenting with shapes and colours. It is a playful tribute to the fusion of analogue and digital, graphics and art. Her signature is playful, emotional, and both mature and abstract at once, depicting a uniquely harmonious merging of various characteristics. Her inspirations are shaped by American musical influence, Scandinavian design, German literature, and European current affairs, but also female empowerment. Her creative process is to challenge the delicate balance between chance and intention.


Bo Lundberg's signature consists of clear colours and is supported by striking graphic elements and a touch of abstraction. He uses various methods of visual design to express moods and the characteristic expression of well-known cities or brand images. Stylistically, the works give the impression of retro-coolness, inspired by the various places and things Lundberg encounters on a daily basis. Making use of eye-catching colours such as vibrant orange and pink, combined with exquisite simplicity and other striking graphic elements, leads to a creative and colourful result in a retro style.


The skilled interior designer Andrea Haase loves the versatility of art, which is why her motifs are hand-painted, digitally created, photographed, or a mixture of various media. The artist also has a passion for old illustrations, botanical books, or antique newspapers, which are also reflected in her works and are therefore often used in her art. Her designs are flowery and playful with a cute country-house-style charm. Apart from motifs with newspaper clippings in vintage style, tropical jungle or animal motifs in muted colours like green, blue, pink, or beige can often be found in Haase's art. Decorative and large-format murals are now her preferred genres.


The Berlin-based artist Kubistika aka Boris Draschoff describes his own works as modern cubism, which is why he mainly uses geometric forms in combination with natural elements. He follows the literal translation of the Greek word "kaleidoscope", which means "observation of beautiful forms", and reduces the themes to their essentials. Natural motifs, such as leaves, plants, the sun, and the moon are represented in a minimalistic simplified manner. The visual reduction and restructuring of the contents help him to get to the essential components. The result: geometrical versions of well-known photographs and famous paintings.


Sabrina Ziegenhorn developed a love for art in her childhood. Her works are a mixture of analogue drawing and the use of digital media. She also plays with colours, shapes, and contrasts. With her dynamic and experimental approach, extraordinary and unique creations emerge in interaction with the other attributes. She often chooses playful animal and nature motifs, which she usually begins as a hand drawing and digitally reworks.


Traditional photography, watercolours, digital editing techniques, typography, and illustration represent the style of Monika Strigel. Her works deal with topics such as wanderlust and a positive attitude to life. Her detailed animal drawings also show humour, optimism, and above all her love for nature, flora, and fauna. All in all, her designs reflect different moods, which are based on the artist's various journeys. Because of this, there are inspiring motifs from both Scandinavia and South America to discover in her art. Strigel works with all kinds of colours and brushes, draws with pen and ink, photographs nature and botany, combining abstract and geometric influences.

Atelier 47

The designs from Atelier 47 by A.S. Création are defined by years of experience in the wallpaper industry and a feeling for trends developed from this experience. With the multi-layered picture worlds of urban and natural motifs, as well as geometric shapes, extravagant eye-catchers are created in combination with creative ingenuity. The unusual motifs reflect an impressive testimony to the creativity and skill of the international designers. The works interpret the modern Zeitgeist of the 21st century in regards to different subject areas in the most individual way.


ARTist collection
Brand: Livingwalls
Period: 2026
Material: various types of non-woven quality
Contents: 7 themes / designers with a total of 138 motifs
Special properties: flame retardant, lightfast, wash-resistant, environmentally-friendly, dry-strippable


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Interior pictures of the wallpaper collection ARTist