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Paul Bergmann. Berlin.

“Paul Bergmann – Berlin” stands for free thought and action in a free city. A starlight dinner on the street, wearing a skater look to the state opera, leaving behind a piece of eternity on the Wall with a spray can. “Paul Bergmann – Berlin” presents the modern new German style of living. Defiant, confident, straight-forward – but also sensitive, insightful and empathetic. Full of drive and passion, “Paul Bergmann – Berlin” conquers walls and desires. Backyard romance meets shabby chic, cool loft character filled with Berlin warmth. “Paul Bergmann – Berlin” brings together what belongs together.


The typical character “Paul” represents the trends from the metropolis of Berlin.

“Paul Bergmann” introduces you to beautiful Berlin. But first we get a glimpse of how this Berlin hipster lives. 

His home is a loft on Alexanderplatz – in other words, right in the middle of all the action. When it comes to interior design, “Paul” leans more toward retro and an industrial style. Accordingly, he loves wallpaper in a concrete or stone wall look. His furniture is all somewhat improvised; some of it “Paul” bought at flea markets and then jazzed them up a bit himself. He is captivated by all that looks old and used.

Now to Berlin – this city comes with a great deal of history. The Berlin Wall, the Reichstag building and many other historical monuments are a constant reminder of this. Berlin is also known as the “city of freethinkers”, and over several years the metropolis has become a hot spot for creative minds. Accordingly, everything is very colourful and lively here. Perfect for a free spirit like “Paul”. His special tip is the RAW area, where he can be found roving about on the weekend, because this is where you find the best clubs and bars in the underground scene.

He will soon be giving you more insider info.









The wallpapers from “Paul Bergmann – Berlin” are captivating with a natural concrete look. Due to an unevenly embossed foam application, they look particularly realistic and become a real eye-catcher on any living room wall. The different coloured concrete designs lend your room that unmistakable “shabby chic” flair.













The stone wallpapers of “Paul Bergmann – Berlin” bring the cool loft character of the big cities to your own four walls and create an appealing lifelike effect in the room. Whether in the living room, in the bedroom or in the hallway – our stone wallpapers have no limits, because they delight in their own way in any setting.