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Anke & Daan. Amsterdam. 

You. Me. Amsterdam – In love with your laugh. Impressed by your relaxed style. We. “Anke & Daan – Amsterdam”. The world is multi-cultural, it is open to new things and happy with what is tried and tested. Why not mix what you love so much. This works with “Anke & Daan – Amsterdam”. In Amsterdam and all over the world. In awe of the great painters of this city and excited for new influences which come across the seas and rivers to anchor in the port. Tolerant, casual and trendy.


The typical characters “Anke & Daan” represent the trends from the metropolis of Amsterdam.

“Anke & Daan” call the multifaceted Amsterdam their home. Together they want to introduce you to their style of living, as well as the lifestyle of this colourful city.

Amsterdam is artful, romantic and unique. Inspired by the city’s atmosphere, “Anke & Daan” have adorned their walls with a picturesque floral pattern. They also use a deceptively real-looking tile pattern reminiscent of the style of the famous Dutch “Delft” tiles.

What do they love about Amsterdam? It is a very lively city – the architecture, the art scene, the night life and much more flourishes here in various shapes and colours. 
For “Anke & Daan”, for example, there is nothing better than hopping on their bicycles and pedalling along one of the many canals, lost in thought. In between, they stop every now and then to look for fresh flowers for their home.

“Anke & Daan” will soon be inviting you to join them on a short tour of Amsterdam. Watch this space!







Exciting patterns combined on patchwork tiles – With the fascinating tile motif of “Anke & Daan – Amsterdam”, which will have you inspired with a variety of colour versions, you can create stimulating effects on your wall and transform the room into a highlight of your lifestyle. The wallpapers are especially beautiful in the kitchen and bathroom.















Be prepared to be carried away with the atmosphere of a
mysterious garden with artistically designed flowers in soft colours. The pattern of “Anke & Daan – Amsterdam” makes your wall literally blossom. Combined with your favourite furniture and decorative pieces, this design fits perfectly into the living room and bedroom.