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"ANTONIO. Barcelona."

The typical character “ANTONIO - Barcelona” represents the trends from the metropolis of Barcelona. 

Barcelona is about Gaudi, it’s about art and culture on corners of small alleyways in this proud and lively Catalonian city.

With ANTONIO, everyone will become a lover of evening sunsets, every step will become a dance and every home will be transformed into an inviting Spanish-style Casa.

Walls are adorned with plants reminiscent of Barcelona’s Rambla. The playful hint of art by Gaudi, with its soft tones, bring a light, airy feel to these wallpapers and whet your appetite for living in the new collection of Metropolitan Stories II.













Exciting Used Look patterns combined on patchwork tiles – With the mesmerising tile motif of “ANTONIO – Barcelona”, which will inspire you with three colour versions, you can create stimulating effects on your wall and transform the room into a highlight of your lifestyle. The wallpapers are especially beautiful in the kitchen and bathroom.

















Proof of how realistic a wallpaper can look - “ANTONIO - Barcelona’s” Used Look wallpaper in a shabby chic style. The structure and three-dimensional effects make you look twice before you realise that this is no “real” retro wall.