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Card cover of DESIGNBOOKS2019 by Sandra Baan and A.S. Création


Home design is a constantly changing variable in our lives. It is influenced significantly by developments in society and external influences.

We allow ourselves to be led by these trends in our daily work to be able to develop trend-oriented wallpapers. The starting point for us was the  increasingly significant influence of mega-trends, which give rise to the constantly changing needs of consumers, our common customers. Recognising and systematising this, and deriving targeted trends on the product level with material, shape and design, is our team’s great task.


We are very excited about the result and thank our partner Sandra Baan for the constructive cooperation. Together with Studio Baan we have created the “DESIGNBOOK2019” for you. It is the basis and pillar intended for everyone who deals with “fashion on the walls” and who are responsible for ranges. Not every detail should be standardised, and there is enough room for your own ideas. These ideas of your own flow into an extensive collections book created by us, which consistently condenses the corresponding trend layers. In order to represent the individual focal points at the point of sale and to complement the idea, we have developed a suitable display. The result could be a new approach to range design. In this sense I hope you enjoy reading and wish you great success implementing your ideas.


Roland Bantel
Chairman Sales and Marketing


Trend visions - how will we live in the coming decades?

Changes in the fields of economy, science, engineering and culture influence our society and trend development in the long term. These changes can be formulated into megatrends by careful observation and analysis. Megatrends affect everybody equally - they influence how we think and act and they shape our lifestyle.

If one also considers the social components connected with the analysis of megatrends, this produces new descriptive trend groups. Macrotrends. They allow you to recognise innovations and are based on a period of 5-10 years.

Microtrends are specific and already in everyday use, and then turn up again as the smallest trend unit in the structures of macrotrends.

So how will our society, our technology and also our lifestyle change?

This book gives exciting insights into the changes of today and tomorrow.



You can browse through the wallpapers of the "DESIGNBOOK 2019" collection here