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Photo of designer Lars Contzen's showroom ‑ design furniture exhibition



Lars Contzen

"I think graphically designed surfaces have a great future ahead of them."

Lars Contzen studied art and now designs wallpapers, floor coverings and furniture. He also develops shop and interior design concepts for an international clientele. The Frankfurt-born artist says, "Décor expresses your attitude to life". The designs of his wallpapers reflect his positive attitude. They simply burst with exuberance. Composed graphics of the highest design standards are characteristic for Lars Contzen's work. He uses youthful, fresh and distinctive colours for his collections. The "Le Pop" design is his trademark. It is based on a flower-like futuristic shape in various sizes and perspectives that brings a sense of sophisticated club culture into rooms.

Lars Contzen designed his first wallpaper collection for A.S. Création in 2006. He starts the design process without regard for the material. Together with A.S. Création's designer the graphics are then transferred into appropriate formats for wallpaper and suitable embossed structures developed to refine the product.

To date, A.S. Création has released five Lars Contzen wallpaper collections. They reflect modern life, the spirit of the digital age and capture futuristic impulses in a variety of ways.


Kartendeckel der Tapetenkollektion "Contzen FOUR" von A.S. Création
Contzen FOUR
Kartendeckel der Tapetenkollektion "Contzen Martrics" von A.S. Création
Contzen Martrics
Kartendeckel der Tapetenkollektion "Colourcourage Artist Edition N° 1" von A.S. Création