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Interior view of the wallpaper collection Michalsky Living of A.S. Création Tapeten AG



An Interview with Michael Michalsky

1) Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration comes mostly from music, art and youth culture. I like to observe how people live
in the big cities of the world and how they create their own personal environment. I always draw on that for new design ideas.

2) Why would Michael Michalsky be interested in wallpaper design?

Wallpapers are experiencing a renaissance, and I always liked them. Rooms are more pleasant and homely when you stick some coloured, patterned piece of fabric or paper on the wall. The space gets a different, much more satisfying feel. Bare, white walls are simply asking to be brightened up with wallpaper.

3) How does wallpaper fit in with the rest of Michalsky's world of fashion and design?

“METROPOLIS“ is the theme that brings together all products of the MICHALSKY LIVING range. That includes my wallpapers as well as my carpets, sofas and tableware. It is all about feeling comfortable at home. The MICHALSKY design language creates the overall style.

4) What kind of trends do you currently see in the home furnishings area?

We are going back to more comfort and homeliness. Social networks, like Facebook, and mobile devices have accelerated our life rhythm enormously over the past 10 years. Editing techniques for films and television have also become considerably faster. People counter this by creating a home that is warmer, more cosy, an oasis of tranquillity. Slowing down is the watchword. This is reflected in wallpaper designs, such as large patterns in a colour block look or structured floral elements. Greige and non-colours also play a significant role.

5) What has influenced your wallpaper designs?

I have talked at length with the experts at A.S. Création and discussed the current wallpaper trends. For instance, which wallpaper materials people prefer these days. I have combined that with the colours and patterns I have found to be contemporary and very trendy in my work in
fashion design.

6)What ist your personal relationship with wallpaper?

I love wallpaper. Not only because it changes a room, and you can look at it, but also because you can touch it. When I see a wallpaper with an interesting structure, I like to gently stroke it with
my hand.

7) What does the privat life of Michael Michalsky look like?

You could describe my décor as a blend of styles from a variety of eras. I like to combine different pieces of furniture and art. Since I need a lot of space for my books and art, I prefer non-colours. Otherwise my life style is very relaxed. You could say my home is my castle. Listening to music, wine and good food with friends, or just lying on the settee with a book. That is heaven. Especially, when you live in such a fast-paced city as Berlin.

8) Which wallpaper range is your personal favourite?

I find it difficult to make up my mind, but my personal favourite is the “London“ range. All patterns are great – otherwise I wouldn‘t have designed them ... (laughs).

Portrait Michael Michalsky