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Types of wallpaper

Before you start decorating, we would like to give you some more information about the different types of wallpaper. 


Paper products
All our paper wallpapers are made of high-quality recycled paper with an embossed surface that has been printed by rotogravure.

They possess particularly good properties in the areas of breathability, eco-friendliness, moisture regulation and lightfastness.

Paper wallpapers need to be soaked for a short time, which varies according to the thickness and quality of the paper base and must not be exceeded. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Textured wallpapers
Textured wallpapers (and also textured vinyl wallpaper) are based on a paper material which has been coated with foamed PVC. They achieve a particularly expressive three-dimensional effect.

We strongly recommend that you use a paste designed for textured wallpapers and soak the paper for a short time. Make sure you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package insert.

Satin wallpaper (vinyl wallpaper)
Satin wallpaper (and also vinyl wallpaper) may be based on multi-layered paper or non-woven material and a synthetic coating (PVC) has been applied to the entire surface of the base.

The standard printing process is followed by a thermoforming process, also known as “gloss embossing”. This gives satin wallpaper its satin finish and classy sheen.

Characteristic features of this type of wallpaper are high lightfastness and “scrubbability”. It is also hardwearing, which makes it very versatile.

Non-woven wallpaper
Thanks to its easy use, non-woven wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular.

We use mainly long-fibre specialty pulps, textile fibres and binding agents for the production of our non-woven materials; 80% of these are of natural origin. This production process, combined with the raw materials used, gives non-woven wallpaper an extraordinary dimensional stability so that it can be hung without soaking time.

Therefore, it can be affixed straight to the pre-pasted wall and you do not have to be prepared for any dimensional changes (paste-the-wall technique). Non-woven wallpapers can be easily completely stripped off dry when redecorating at a later date.

Paintable wallpaper (Meistervlies)
Our paintable wallpapers are non-woven products that can be painted over several times according to individual taste. Their variety of surface textures offers a multitude of design options, making them a great alternative to standard fibreglass and woodchip products.

Our paintable wallpapers can be found in the collections “Meistervlies Pro”, “Meistervlies Protect” and “Meistervlies Creative”.

These wallpapers outshine the competition with their tremendous dimensional stability and high scratch and impact resistance. They are hung just as easily, quickly and cleanly as any other non-woven product. (s.a. “Non-woven wallpaper”)

Our paintable wallpapers come in two different sizes:

a “standard roll”, measuring 10.00 x 0.53 m or a “jumbo roll”, measuring 25.00 x 1.06 m. The double width of the jumbo roll allows you to hang these products quickly and easily, and seams are reduced by 50%.

This type of wallpaper is identified by the “Paintable” symbol on the package insert.


Border wallpaper (or wallpaper borders) are available in different lengths and widths and are ideally suited for the accentuated design of wall surfaces, niches or door surrounds.

There are two types of borders: those that need to be hung with paste (leave the area bare where you want to position them) and self-adhesive borders. These can be applied straight to the selected surface without the need for paste.

Border strips are usually available in lengths of 5 or 10 metres.

Design Panel/Pop-Up Panel
Our modern “Design Panels” offer a simple but extremely effective way of decorating walls with just one strip. They are self-adhesive and thus are applied quickly and easily on a variety of surfaces. A multitude of design templates provides inspiration for your own individual wall décor.

Design Panels come in three varieties:
(The special high performance magnets for the magnetic Design Panels are available in our shop.)

  • Standard panel:            0.35 m x 1.75 m 
  • 3D:                                  0.53 m x 1.75 m
  • Magnetic:                      0.53 m x 1.25 m (magnetic)

Photo wallpaper
This is also known as digital print wallpaper. The “XXL wallpaper” and “AP Digital” brands offer themed wallpapers that open up new dimensions of wall décor.

These large-scale wallpapers cover the whole wall and do more than just offer a range of photographic and artistic images. They also enable you to enter the world of individualistic wall design: specially selected design templates can be printed on a choice of base materials. The number of individual strips required depends on the overall size.