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Photos of A.S. Création Tapeten AG production at the Wiehl-Bomig site.




All wallpapers produced by us are subject to stringent testing in accordance with the requirements of RAL-GZ479 quality assurance procedures and therefore meet the highest quality standards. This way we ensure the highest possible quality of the products as well as their health safety.

One possible cause for staining could be a sealed or incorrectly pre-treated surface. Any residual moisture in the wall could lead to a chemical reaction with the surface. In this case, the problem is not caused by the wallpaper. This kind of poor pre-treatment of the wall surface can also encourage mould. You therefore need to examine the wall carefully to ensure that it is suitable for wallpapering.You will find more detailed information about pre-treating wall surfaces here.

There may be a very few isolated instances where, despite our stringent inspections and papering tests, faulty goods do reach customers.

These kinds of stain are caused by the machinery and are immediately obvious. The wallpapers should not be used.


Staining after a longer period of time

If no stains have appeared by the time the wallpaper is completely dry, no staining will be caused by the wallpaper product. The cause of the problem must lie elsewhere.