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Photos of A.S. Création Tapeten AG production at the Wiehl-Bomig site.



Hanging tools

 plastic wallpaper smoother

Wallpaper smoothers can only be used for wallcoverings with a robust surface, such as smooth non-woven wallpaper, lining paper or glass fibre wallpaper.

triangular straight edge

The triangular straight edge is widely used to cut the bottom of the wallpaper strip. It prevents the skirting board being smeared with paste and is also suitable for use on carpeted floors.

 wallpaper brush

Soft wallpaper brushes are primarily used to press paper wallpaper onto the wall.

seam roller

A seam roller made of soft plastic material is used for delicate wallpaper surfaces.

wallpapering knife

A utility knife for cutting lengths of wallpaper quickly on the pasting table.

 wallpapering scissors

While these scissors remain the traditional symbol of professional paperhangers, they are increasingly being replaced by other tools, such as the straight edge and utility knife.

utility knife

A utility knife with breakable blade should always be on hand when hanging wallpaper.



metal scraper

The paint scraper is used to remove firmly adhering wallpaper and paint residues.



plumb line

When the first strip of wallpaper is hung on the wall, the plumb line is used to ensure it is perpendicular and can be corrected, if necessary, before being firmly pressed onto the wall.

wallpaper rail

In combination with a utility knife, the straight-edged wallpaper rail serves as a cutting edge on the pasting table.

 pressure roller

A pressure roller made from foam rubber or soft plastic material is very useful for pressing the wallpaper strip to the wall. It can be used on non-woven, metallic, textile and textured wallpapers.



A pencil should be used to mark the first wallpaper strip on the wall.






A ruler can be helpful to measure the wallpaper strips or the walls.


To mix the paste a bucket is necessary.



paste brush

A paste brush is suitable to apply the paste.