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Photos of A.S. Création Tapeten AG production at the Wiehl-Bomig site.



Wallpapering ceilings


Tools: Ruler, chalk line


Wallpapering is usually done "away from the light", that is, starting with the ceiling working from the window towards the centre of the room. Mark two points with the chalk line, lining-up with an approximate distance of 50 cm to the parallel wall. This ensures that the consecutive non-woven lengths will be straight, even if the walls are not square to the ceiling.

  Ideally a second person should assist in fathoming the guideline.
Werkzeug: foam rubber roller

Roll out the first strip, which had been cut to size, to the outside, i.e. away from you. Apply the non-woven fabric to the paste bed leaving a slight overlap at the wall. The non-woven lengths are rolled out wrinkle-free and applied edge to edge using the foam rubber roller.

Tools: Plastic spatula, utility knife


Press the excess length with a plastic spatula into the angle where wall and ceiling meet and trim cleanly using the utility knife.