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Photos of A.S. Création Tapeten AG production at the Wiehl-Bomig site.



Inside and outside corners

Inside corners


Because non-woven wall covering is so easy to use the first inside corner of the room is quickly reached. Non-woven wall covering can easily be applied where it ends at a right angle, the next length can be butt joined.

Outside corners

  Use a plastic edging strip to achieve a clean wallpaper edge even where the outside corners are not straight. The plastic edging strip is glued with contact adhesive to the outside corner, the edges are then sanded and smoothed with filler. The non-woven wall covering can now be papered right up to the edge without difficulty. Cover the  edging strip with acrylic dispersion paint in the same colour as that intended for the non-woven wall covering.

If the inside edges are not plumb, then extend the non-woven fabric over the profiling rail, i.e. around the corner onto the adjoining wall. Make several incisions in the overlapping excess piece, hang the next length plum and glue onto the overlap.

For a professional finish apply a light acrylic film onto the angle with a caulking gun in order to achieve a perfect finishing.

The corner can also be papered directly with Go/Pro non-woven material.