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Photos of A.S. Création Tapeten AG production at the Wiehl-Bomig site.



Dado panel

When dado panels are planned for stairways, some special considerations have to be kept in mind. To better prepare for the task ahead, mark the area to be decorated in red. Preparatory work: Cut out the panels and borders from the dado.

Dado panel


1) Mark the course of the lower border along the length of the stairs and paste the cut-out border trim. Mark out the planned sections for the dado 2) and for the bottom edge of the upper border 3) in accordance with the width of the staircase steps. The panels must not be wider than a step.


4) The red highlighted area is wallpapered with the matching non-woven wallpaper pattern.


5) The previously prepared panels must not be wider than the staircase steps.
If the panels are wider, then cut each panel through the middle in two parts. Now paste both panel halves onto the non-woven strip 4) to fit along each stairway step using the still visible mark 2), so that the width of the panel equals that of the stairway step.


Use a utility knife and straight edge ruler to make a double seam cut on the panel overlap.


Subsequently, the excess lengths are neatly removed.

Tools: Straight edge ruler, utility knife or double-foot overlap knife


Butt join the cut edges and roll over the seam with a foam rubber roller.


After an appropriate drying phase - the non-woven wall coverings must not show dark areas caused by still damp paste - the dado can be painted in a variety of colours.