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Photos of A.S. Création Tapeten AG production at the Wiehl-Bomig site.







Borders are essential design elements. They are used to round off the wall paper at or below the ceiling, as well as for the framing of windows, doors, mirrors and pictures, etc. Borders are often incorporated as an accent above skirting boards. So, the course of the border trimming has to be marked out before the wallpapering can begin.


Once the wallpaper application to the base is done the border trims are attached edge to edge to the non-woven fabric of the base.

Tools: Plastic spatula, utility knife or edge trimmer


Border trims that are glued at an angle are cleanly separated with the aid of double seam cutting.

Tools: Utility knife or edge trimmer, straight edge ruler


Usually above the border trim a different pattern is glued with some overlapping. Along the upper edge of the border trim use a utility knife and straight edge ruler and make a double seam cut so that the border trim blends neatly into the wallpaper surface.