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Photo of the flagship store at the Derschlag showroom.

Livingwalls Shop Concept

A boutique that sells designer wallpapers   
“Wallpapers are designer products, and this is how they should be presented at the point of sale - not hidden in shelves but displayed in the ambiance of a fashion boutique," Jörn Kämper explains. For livingwalls, our young trend brand, we have therefore developed a shop concept that shows wallpapers in a completely new way:  
A stylish presentation, high-quality furnishings and high-tech advisory tools create the right environment for selling these creative designer collections.

Livingwalls model shop
Open and stylish – these attributes best describe the new livingwalls model shop now installed in our showroom in Gummersbach-Derschlag. The shop windows afford a view of large-scale backlit displays featuring advertising photos reminiscent of fashion shoots. Dark wooden floors, sales panels in brilliant white and oiled oak and high-quality lighting underline the high standards of this branded shop which clearly targets a young, trend-oriented demographic. At the heart of the shop is a huge table where customers can leaf through sample books featuring some 5,000 up-to-date wallpapers.

A hands-on impression of our brand universe
Gone are the days when wallpapers merely served a practical purpose. They have long become a lifestyle product that is interesting also to famous fashion labels and top designers. This led to the idea of a wallpaper shop in the style of a fashion boutique. The new shop developed for our young “livingwalls“ brand combines sophisticated and creative collections of well-known brands such as Esprit, Schöner Wohnen or Brigitte and top designers such as Lars Contzen, Jette Joop or Hadi Teherani. This underlines the novel concept of the livingwalls shop, which gives customers a hands-on impression of our brand universe.

Target group
The shop is targeted at young, fashion-conscious consumers who are interested in design and want to express their own personal style in the way they furnish their home. As it is usually women who take furnishing decisions, this branded shop is clearly targeted at a female audience.

Distribution channel
Our novel concept is different from traditional sales presentations for wallpapers and reaches a young target group that is becoming increasingly important also to retailers - both specialist wallpaper retailers and DIY stores. However, this market group is also very demanding - these consumers are brand-oriented and attach great importance to a pleasant shopping experience. This is why we present our designer collections in a branded shop that is characterised by an attractive ambiance and high-tech tools for competent advice.

Implementation at retail level
The concept is extremely flexible. Thanks to our comprehensive shop-fitting experience, we can adapt it to the specific requirements of each retailer - as the core element of a retail warehouse department, as a shop-in-shop or as a stand-alone brand shop. Our 70 sqm model shop is just one example of what can be realised in a city centre location.
Our Gummersbach model shop gives retailers an exact idea of the available possibilities. The concept developed by A.S. Création can easily be adapted to individual requirements: from individual modules for retail warehouses to shop-in-shop solutions to complete stores.


Customer advice 2.0 - the latest version of the A.S. Touchscreen
Visitors benefit from several high-tech tools for optimised customer advice:  
The latest version of the A.S. Touchscreen is one of the highlights - it only takes one click to display wallpapers in different furnishing styles and lighting conditions. If requested, individual designs can be shown next to each other, which makes it easier for end users to choose their favourite wallpaper.

Importantly, the wallpapers no longer need to be searched in the system, given that all samples are barcoded, which allows them to be scanned and loaded directly onto the screen. All articles from the livingwalls shop are delivered within 24 hours, with top collections stocked for “take away” sales.

Image 1 Livingwalls Shop Concept, A.S. Création
Image 2 Livingwalls Shop Concept, A.S. Création
Image 3 Livingwalls Shop Concept, A.S. Création
Image 4 Livingwalls Shop Concept, A.S. Création
Image 5 Livingwalls Shop Concept, A.S. Création
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Image 7 Livingwalls Shop Concept, A.S. Création