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CE marking

CE marking is labelling construction products in accordance with EU directives. By affixing the CE mark to the package insert of the product, the manufacturer confirms that it conforms to the current European directives for construction products.

As of 01.07.2013, the manufacturer issues a declaration of performance for each construction product that is covered by a harmonised standard. The Declaration of Performance (DoP) supersedes the conformity declaration. By issuing the declaration of performance, the manufacturer assumes responsibility that the construction product conforms to the declared performance in respect of its essential features.

We have issued appropriate declarations of performance for all our products in the product groups included in EN 15102. The declarations of performance are available for download in the appendix. The applicable number of the declaration of performance (DoP 1, etc.) is included in the relevant CE mark on the package insert.


Download DoP's:

DoP 1

DoP 2

DoP 3

DoP 4

DoP 5

DoP 6

DoP 7

DoP 8

DoP 9

DoP 10

DoP 11

DoP 13

DoP 14