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Company headquarters of A.S. Création Tapeten AG, Gummersbach Derschlag, Germany

Supervisory Board


Name Profession practised Initial Appointment Elected until Supervisory Board member CV

Jörn Kämper2,3

Business Graduate 06.05.2021 End of AGM 2025
Jochen Müller1,3
Vice Chairman
Graduate Engineer 15.05.2014 End of AGM 2025
  • SURTECO GROUP SE, Buttenwiesen
Dr. Volker Hues1,2 CFO of Jungheinrich AG,
07.05.2015 End of AGM 2025  -  
Julia Barth
Employee representative
Commersial clerk at
A.S. Création Tapeten AG
06.05.2021 End of AGM 2025 -  
Kevin Wegner1
Employee representative
Production worker at
A.S. Création Tapeten AG
06.05.2021 End of AGM 2025 -  
Dr. Stephan Zilkens2,3 Managing partner of Zilkens Fine Art Insurancebroker GmbH, Cologne 09.08.2019 End of AGM 2025
  • Alberdingk-Boley GmbH, Krefeld 

1 Member of the Audit Committee 
2 Member of the Committee for Managing Board Matters
3 Member of the Nomination Committee