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Wallpapering 3 panels


Our panels are printed on high-quality non-woven backing.
When using non-woven wallpaper, we recommend using the paste the wall technique.


The substrate must be clean,
dry and stable.


First cut the three panel sections along the dotted line with scissors and lay them out ready to hand.


Then paste the wall.






To get the first strip straight on the wall, mark the width of the first strip using a spirit level and a dotted pencil line before pasting.








Now place the first wall panel in the paste bed and press it down bubble-free using the pressure roller.


Prepare the next surface for the second panel.







Place the next strip in the paste bed and check that the base has been applied correctly.


Now press it down bubble-free using a pressure roller or wallpapering trowel.





Avoid overlapping or leaving too much space between the seams.

Apply additional paste to the edges and corners.


Proceed with the remaining strips as described above.

The markings on the product description directly on the roll show whether your desired motif can be seamlessly extended.








Cut off any excess sections using a cutter knife and a pressure spatula or a wallpaper tear-off ruler.


You are finished.

Wallpapering a panel is so easy.

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You can see how easy it is to wallpaper the panels in our videos



Wallpapering panels

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