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Company headquarters of A.S. Création Tapeten AG, Gummersbach Derschlag, Germany



FAQ - What you always wanted to know

What does A.S. Création produce?
We manufacture wallpapers and borders in all material qualities and for all application areas. Also, our decorative fabrics division works with high-quality decorative fabrics. Both product groups have a lot to do with furnishings, with lifestyle and fashion, which implies that they complement each other perfectly.
Where does the company stand today?
A.S. Création is one of the leading wallpaper manufacturer in Europe.
What does A.S. Création strive for?
A.S. Création strives to become the world's leading wallpaper manufacturer.
How old (or young) is A.S. Création?
A.S. Création was founded in 1974 and is thus the youngest wallpaper manufacturer in Germany.
How large is the product range?
We have about 6,000 different wallpapers permanently in stock.
What is new on a regular basis?
Our studio develops over 2,000 new wallpapers annually.
Where is it all manufactured?
We manufacture in Germany at two locations (Wiehl-Bomig and Gummersbach-Derschlag), as well as together with our Joint Venture OOO A.S. & Palitra in Russia (Dzerzhinsk).

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And what about the logistics?
A.S. Création has one of the most modern logistics centre in the industry. The fully automated high-bay warehouse in Wiehl-Bomig has room for 30,000 pallets and our location in Gummersbach-Derschlag has a further 12,000 pallet positions. The unique room-lot warehouse enables the fastest possible delivery (24 hour service anywhere in Germany) and very high deliver reliability.

Who are the A.S. customers?
A.S. Création supplies wallpaper globally to customers in almost 100 countries. They consist of wholesalers, i.e. importers, retailers, specialist shops and building suppliers, as well as craftsmen.

What is the company's philosophy?
Wallpapers from A.S. Création provide the opportunity to conjure up a simple and inexpensive home atmosphere - for every taste and for every budget.

What service does A.S. Création offer?
Our services to our customers include: integrated sectional planning, shop fitting, ordering, decoration , individual marketing concepts, 24 hour delivery service, consumer advertising, sales promotion, point-of-sale concepts

Can I invest in such a successful company?
Yes, by all means. Since 1998, A.S. Création has been listed on the stock market. The international securities identification number (ISIN) of A.S. Création share is: DE000A1TNNN5.

How does A.S. Création contribute to environmental protection and product safety?
The products of A.S. Création have been issued with the RAL Quality Seal, as well as the statutory required qualification CE indicator since the beginning of 2011. In the field of gravure printing exclusively water-based inks are used for the sake of the environment and sustainability. All our backing materials are FSC® certified. A.S. Création regularly invests in environmental protection in order to comply with statutory and regulatory provisions. In addition, we invest in modernisation as it's through progressive techniques that we can achieve a higher level of efficiency in terms of the resources used.

Which brands are from A.S. Création?
If you come across wallpaper in a specialist shop with the label "living walls", "A.S. Création", "Innova" or "Architects Paper ", then you can buy the product without hesitation, because they originate from a good group of companies.
The same applies to the decorative fabrics of the brands "indes" and "FUGGERHAUS".

In addition, various licensed brands also belong to our product range, such as: Daniel Hechter, Djooz, JETTE, MICHALSKY Living, walls by patel, Wolfgang Joop, Karl Lagerfeld and VERSACE.

What must be considered before and during hanging?
Before hanging, the subsurface must be thoroughly examined. Always ensure that the wall surface is clean, dry, smooth, firm and absorbent.

Here you can find detail information on inspection of the wall surface.