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Kollektionsteaser die Digitaldruckkollektion walls by patel von A.S. Création

walls by patel

show me your walls...

For thousands of years, wall paintings have reflected the sign of the times. They have always documented the lives, dreams, and wishes of those who designed them. Murals are powerful and vivid declarations of zeitgeist which fascinate the beholder and tell a story – completely without verbal communication; simply by the vibrancy of the image.

walls by patel take this tradition further: In an innovative collection of colors, fantasies, patterns, and sceneries, these digital wall
prints express an attitude towards life. They are proclamations which go beyond words and their message is universally understandable. The compilation developed by Kathrin and Mark Patel has more than 190 intense designs which create a unique atmosphere, make a personal statement, and deliver a non-verbal narrative regarding interior design.

walls by patel are the perfect tool to give rooms a definition. In private interiors, they are a means of showing personality. In public spaces, they are an instrument to designate special zones, i.e. in hotels or dining spaces, in lobbies and waiting areas, in retail spaces and shop windows.




Mark & Kathrin Patel


Collection: walls by patel
Content: more than 190 motifs
Material: different types of non-woven quality
Properties: flame resistant, good lightfastness, wash resistant, eco-friendly, dry strippable
Dimensions: according to customers’ specifications, delivered in strips or in one piece, standard width 100 cm 


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