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Kollektionsteaser die Digitaldruckkollektion walls by patel von A.S. Création

walls by patel

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Wallpaper completely reinterpreted: The exuberant abundance of murals in the "walls by patel" collection offers an innovative, completely different approach to the design of spaces. Far from being in the background, the wall takes over the main role – the two designers Kathrin and Mark Patel use it as a stage to present an attitude to life.

Be they extravagant, urban, playful or meditative, the over 200 designs are united by one trait:  Each mural presents an emotional leitmotif and characterises the surroundings. The prints create an impressive visual statement in the resident’s interiors and private indoor spaces. The Patel designs are suitable for defining zones with different atmospheres in specific fields – for example in gastronomy, in the hotel industry, in shops or in waiting areas. A decisive step in the redefinition of the wall design by "walls by patel" is the optical integration of a background into the design. Concrete, clinker or a type of patina have been incorporated in the digital prints. which creates a very sensual look and an almost three-dimensional impression – as if the design were painted directly on the wall. Another novelty are the variations in colour.

The effect of the digital prints is extremely high quality and a classic aesthetic. They either skilfully represent certain interior design styles, or they seek to consciously break away from what would normally be expected. The playfulness with colours, shapes and textures creates pure ‘joie de vivre’ – and the invitation to rethink wall design. "walls by patel" illustrates the very personal style diversity of two people, whose understanding of design always includes a break away from conventions and traditional visual habits. More about how the designer team works at



Mark & Kathrin Patel


Collection: walls by patel
Content: more than 200 motifs
Material: different types of non-woven quality
Properties: flame resistant, good lightfastness, wash resistant, eco-friendly, dry strippable
Dimensions: according to customers’ specifications, delivered in strips or in one piece, standard width 100 cm 


Download collection broschure and collection book: 

 Room images of the collection