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Meistervlies Pro Protect 4 – Creative and individualistic wall décor

Meistervlies Pro Protect 4 – Creative and Individualistic Wall Décor

Excellent quality, ease of hanging, perfect seam behaviour, dimensional stability and a multitude of decorating options: These are the attributes of the fourth "Meistervlies Pro Protect" collection of premium paintable non-woven wallpapers. With the superb quality of this product, you will achieve a first-class wallpapering result – easily, quickly and cleanly. "Meistervlies Pro Protect 4", with its great range of textures, makes for a welcome change and lets your walls stand out from the usual roughcast textures. Floral patterns meet classic stripes, while ornamentation complements geometric shapes. These paintable non-woven products are worthy members of the multi-faceted wallpaper family. The different designs create additional accents, brought into focus by your own particular choice of colour. Creative and individualistic – "Meistervlies Pro Protect 4" is the ideal contemporary design solution for the home or office.


Collection: Meistervlies Pro Protect 4
A.S. Création
Duration: 2017
Number of wallpapers: 179
Material: Non-woven wallpaper


Press Release "Meistervlies Pro Protect 4"