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Three interior views of the Metropolis by Michalsky Living wallpaper collection




“I love wallpaper – it increases a sense of well-being and brightens up any room“, says the Berlinbased design star Michael Michalsky. His first wallpaper collection, METROPOLIS by MICHALSKY LIVING will be launched in September. Berlin, 22. July 2013.

Last year, MICHALSKY LIVING had a successful start with a collection of sofas. The portfolio is about to be broadened with wallpapers, which Michael Michalsky created in collaboration with the German market leader A.S. Création.

“I love wallpaper. They bring beauty to and create the ambience of any room. A beautiful piece of furniture will always be one individual item, but a great wallpaper improves the whole atmosphere and feel of a room. And you can touch wallpaper. When I see a wallpaper with an interesting structure, or is made of a special material, I like to gently stroke it with my hand. That is so delightful. Wallpaper makes a home feel more comfortable.“ This is how the Berlin-based designer Michael Michalsky describes the concept behind his first wallpaper collection, which is due to be launched in Germany in September.

Michael Michalsky created the MICHALSKY LIVING collection of non-woven wallpapers in collaboration with A.S. Création. Just as his highly successful sofa collection, launched last year, the wallpapers also explore the topic of “Metropolis“ with names such as Palm Springs, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Berlin and Honolulu. The clean, straightforward patterns and colours are typical MICHALSKY design with a sophisticated, multifaceted look – timeless and stylish.

There are nearly 60 variations in the MICHALSKY LIVING wallpaper collection. It includes graphic, striped, floral and plain colour/structure ranges that gives walls a new look. The designs with bold graphic patterns define the style particularly strongly, playing with darker colours, such as brown, anthracite and classy shades of grey as well as eye-catching black and white contrasts. In addition to the graphic patterns and stripes, there is a seventies-inspired palm print as well as plain colours with micro structure patterns and floral prints. The colours range includes a palette of white shades, luscious pink, lime, lavender and shades of brown and grey.

Michael Michalsky selected a grey-violet wallpaper with a labyrinth pattern from the “Berlin“ range for the photo shoot for the wallpaper collection. The photos show him together with a group of children in a cityscape. Another motif shows him before a background of a black-white-grey retro pattern from the “Hongkong“ range. “Sophistication, joie de vivre and a comfortable modern life style are the most important influences of my LIVING range“, says Michael Michalsky.

He goes on: “The MICHALSKY LIVING collection is a dream come true. It is an optimal broadening of my creative work and complements the MICHALSKY fashion collections perfectly“, explains the designer, whose design agency “MICHALSKY designLab“ has already worked on commissions in the interior design area, e.g. for Marriott Hotels. The MICHALSKY LIVING wallpaper collection will be available from September in specialist shops and selected home improvement centres.


Michael Michalsky is one of Germany‘s most influential fashion designers. After working as head designer for Levis and then as worldwide creative director of Adidas, he founded his own label “MICHALSKY“ in Berlin. MICHALSKY creates high-end fashion, combining classic style elements with street wear influences. The result is convincing; understated luxury and city flair for a cosmopolitan clientele that appreciates this blending of quality and tradition with the latest trends. In his collections, Michael Michalsky explores the societal issues and concerns of modern life over and over. In addition to his work as a creator of fashion, his design talent is also in great demand outside the world of clothing. In 2009, he founded the design agency “MICHALSKY designLab“ for this work. It undertakes design commissions in the areas of product design, interiors and corporate fashion. His many clients include well-known brands, such as Marriott Hotels, Sony, MCM and Afri Cola.

Rage: Livingwalls
Duration: 2015
Number of wallpapers: 59 wallpapers
Material: Non-woven material


You can browse through the whole collection „METROPOLIS by MICHALSKY LIVING“ in our showroom

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